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Under The Gun

So, my niece, Gabrielle, wanted to submit a video to the http://whooznxt.com contest, but we were pressed for time (she had to go to work) and the deadline was closing. So we scrambled to set up, and shoot this music video in under an hour. As a result the lip sync is…. a little off here and there; we only got 2 takes per angle, and in some cases I was doing the El Mariachi thing where I was shooting half of one take on the guitar, and half on her face cuz we were running out of time.

Shot in my living room on GH2 Intravenus 24L – using only one setup for all the angles; consisting of an Arri 650 on a dimmer, a 2 foot off the shelf fluorescent light, and candles.

Intravenus 24L
Smooth (-2,-2,-2,-2)
SS-60 to combat flo flicker
Nikon 50mm f1.8
Nikon 85mm f2
Very light grade in ColorGHear (custom vignette, CineGhamma Warm, and Density)

Song Details:
Words and Music by Gabrielle Graves
Arranged, engineered and produced by Shian Storm

Gab wanted to use a new song, so she sat down and wrote this song in 15 minutes. We recorded it  it my room, live;  using A Perception 200 on vocals, a Shure 58 on the guitar, a dual channel Alesis Compressor/Limiter, a Mackie 1202 mixer to a Tascam DR-07 mp3 recorder, and then mastered the whole thing in Garageband.



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