Shian’s detailed analysis of working with the GH2’s 8bit color is unrivalled. A lot of people could learn a lot (as I have done) by looking at his findings.

Nick Driftwood


Gotta preach a bit. Buying the ColorGHear plugin opened my eyes to grading. It’s totally second nature now. With the upcoming GHears for DaVinci, I’m sure it will become easier but between the Film School Series and picking apart the AE GHears to see what they do, I’ve been able to grapple with poor footage and make good footage look superb. All thanks to ColorGHear. Without your lighting tutorials and crash course metering guide, I would’ve been lost on the RED shoot I had today. Big ups to Shian Storm for being a killer Internet Mentor.

– Jesse


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! I’m loving the tutorials. Learning so much my head is spinning. I never knew there was this much to color grading, and you’ve made it so easy to understand, not to mention, ColorGHear is blowing my mind with how well it cleans up my 5D and 7D footage. I can finally grade without my image falling apart. Can’t wait to see what lies ahead for all of this.

 – super8fiend


Possibly the best money I’ve spent in a long time. The Toolkit is very valuable, but the tutorials are more so. The dynamic range tutorial is brilliant. I’ve been waiting a long time for someone to do a test that results in information I can actually use. You correlation to how it relates the camera’s built-in meter makes that knowledge usable and priceless. Thank you!

– Andy Smith 


I just wanted to take some time to thank you for a great product and awesome tutorials. For anyone using After Effects buying ColorGHear should be a no-brainer. Look at it this way: for $50 you get tools which are the equivalent of Magic Bullet and Neat Video combined. That’s $400 vs. $50. And on top fo that you get Shian’s superb tutorials which guide you through how to use the tool properly. I’m amazed at how much effort and detail have gone into the GHears and the Tutorials. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Leon S.


Why the hell didn’t I purchase CG before? I feel like kicking myself. Well done sir, well done indeed! When I grab a LUT, it does exactly what I think it’s going to do. This could change the game in semi-pro CC and grading!

Vic H.


Simply the best tutorials for unleashing the power of not only the GH2 and After Effects but of your own creativity. Can’t wait to see more CG Film School tutorials.

Collier Landry


I have been color grading for a while now and always used adjustment layers to do so. But you brought color grading to a new level for me.

Aron Anderson


The new Film School tutorials are awesome, and increase the value of this already outstanding color grading system. Kudos Shian!

Brian Hickey


You’ve done a great thing with CGT. Unlocking the power of AE to give indie artists the same tools/capacities as the bigger budget projects. And doing it in a way that makes the workflow much quicker. Art at the speed of inspiration/thought. Thank you.



I purchase ColorGhears, watch tutorials, and try my own GH2. You make wonderful thing here, I think. Footage is very wonderful from ColorGhear. Fantastic these is. This makes me very happy. (Forgive my English)



The color theory and tutorials alone are worth the price! A great set of presets to boot that are real world usable, and not just over the top “looks”

– Brian


I’m having a lot of fun w/ Color Ghear. Haven’t touched Magic Bullet since I started using CGT 🙂



ColoGHear has changed the way I grade forever. I haven’t used colorista or magic bullets in months.



I never used to mess around grading for fun until ColorGHear. Now I do. I love it!


(more to come – still aggregating all the comments over from the old site)